1/1/2018 0:0 GMT+1

PinkThreads is a clothing line brand released to the public in early February of 2018. The name and the logo originate from the idea of Pink Panther and clothing. The three scars represent the panther's clawing, Pink - from Pink Panther & Threads as a representative for clothing. That was the ideology behind the name creation.

A: "But why Pink Panther?"

B: "Because it was one of the founder's favourite animated series from back in the day."

We at PinkThreads strive to release fresh, modern designs and only use the best of clothing bases for our designs in various sizes, so our clothing is suitable for everyone.

The clothing line was created by a designer from Slovenia (Europe), that's been working in the graphics design field mostly as a hobby for 7 years now and he still says there's always something new and creative to discover and think of which drives PinkThreads forward.