Life in Reverse - A beautiful, fully 3D embroidered hoodie.
Ever feel like your life is totally unique and unlike anyone else's?
Do you feel like you do everything differently?

If the answer to any of the following questions was "yes", then this hoodie is made just for you.

It's fully embroidered so the design will last a lifetime.
It's very soft so you will want to wear it just because it feels like you're wearing a cloud.
It's made out of high quality, durable and warm material, perfect for the colder days.
The beautiful rose design is eye-catching and will get compliments for sure.

On camera, it looks like a cool hoodie, but in person, it's even better when you see the full depth of the
large 3D embroidery on the chest and on the side of the left arm.

Product name: "Life in Reverse" (Fully embroidered hoodie).

Price: 45 EUR + Shipping (4€ local / calculated for international).
Available sizes: M, L, XL. [Size reference]
Base Material: Soft polyester.
Available colors: Black.